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Health Savings Account

Thank you for opening your account with Mercantile Bank!

Debit Card

If you requested a Debit Card for your account, it should arrive within 7 to 14 business days. For security, it will come in a plain, unmarked envelope. Instructions for activating your debit card and setting a PIN will be included.



If you would like to order Checks for your account, please call us at 1-800-453-8700. Your account will need to have adequate funds to cover the cost of the check order, if applicable.


Online Banking

If you did not enroll in Online Banking after opening your account, but would like to, please complete the enrollment form. Once your enrollment is accepted, click the Continue button to login for the first time.



Make sure to enroll in eStatements — a requirement for some accounts to waive the monthly service charge.

  • Login to your Online Banking account
  • Under 'Services' select eStatements
  • Review & complete disclosure
  • Update Delivery Preferences 


Health Savings Accounts

For more information on Health Savings Accounts, please choose Health Savings Account under the Personal link at the top of the screen.

  • If you have a Health Savings Account at another financial institution and want to transfer it to Mercantile Bank, you can retrieve the form here.
    • A transfer is a non-reportable transaction where the monies go directly from one HSA to another. The current financial institution will send the monies directly to Mercantile Bank for your benefit.
  • If you have a Health Savings Account at another financial institution and have already closed it, and have a check, you can retrieve the rollover form here.
    • A rollover is a reportable transaction where the monies from a closed HSA are deposited into another HSA within 60 days.

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