Control debit card usage and spending within online and mobile banking.


  • Mobile Wallet:  By adding your debit card to your mobile wallet, you can unlock the convenience and security of mobile payment services like Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • Monitor Merchants and Recurring Payments: : View the list of vendors you have authorized to make recurring payments and check the merchants where you have saved your card information for future purchases.
  • Card usage controls: Set spending and transaction limits, and decline transactions that exceed thresholds. Also, monitor transactions and control merchant categories.
  • Card on/off setting: When your card is "on," transactions can be made based on your settings. When "off," no purchases or withdrawals are allowed until you turn it back "on." Useful for blocking a lost or stolen card.
  • Location-based controls: Restrict transactions to merchants located within a certain range of your location (using your phone's GPS); transactions requested outside of the specified area can be declined.
  • Fraud protection: Manage, track, and report specific transactions to quickly detect unauthorized activity and restrict PIN and signature transactions.
  • Interactive alerts: Real-time alerts can be sent for approved transactions exceeding use policies, card usage, and declined transactions.
  • Financial features: Conduct limited card-related transactions wherever you are, any time of the day, including real-time balance inquiries and locating ATMs.
  • Travel Plan: Notify Mercantile of your travel plans within the app.

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